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How does TopShop work?

Tell us what truck service you need

We’ve seen and made thousands of service orders so we know what info is going to help a shop understand your trucks needs.

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Diagnosis Tool

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Locate by VIN

Truck repair diagnosis for brakes

Compare truck repair estimates

From mobile truck repair to dealerships and independent shops, compare them all easily.

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Hyper accurate

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Fast response time

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Competitive estimates

Truck repair estimate for brakes

Book your repair with confidence

You'll be introduced to the service provider you selected to book and schedule your truck service. That easy, that simple.

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Connect with repair shop

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Certified shops

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Safe & Secure

Truck repair shop in Fontana

Why fleets & owner-operators use TopShop

Save your fleet time and money by locating and comparing estimates in a few clicks. No more having to spend your day on the phone or wondering if you could have got a better price.

Worry less about having to find the right truck service providers for your fleet. At TopShop we know which truck service provider is the right one for the job.

No matter if you need roadside or dealer work, comparing prices can save you significant time and money.


We partner with indepedent shops, dealerships, 24-hr roadside service, mobile repairs, and independent contractors to find you the best estimates.

Usually under an hour for routine service and repairs. For more specific jobs it can take 1-2 days to get accurate estimates back from our truck service providers.

Currently we focus on class 8 trucks. These are also known as heavy-duty repairs, semi-truck repairs, and tractor repairs.

No, we only give your information to the service provider you choose to work with. No spam, no ads, no bull.

Keeping trucks on the road.

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